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Pyrolysis Systems 

The pyrolysis process presents many challenges to engineers. High temperatures, critical environmental atmospheres and varying feedstock and discharge to name but a few. European Gate Valves have been able to provide workable solutions to these areas. 
Turnkey Continuous or Batch Pyroylsis Systems 
European Gate Valves Limited offer both Batch and Continuous Pyrolysis systems for whole tyres, chipped tyres and plastics. Mixed plastics that contain PVC are a particular challenge and we have solutions to handle the chlorine and other contaniments.  
Continuous Pyrolysis reactor for both tyre and plastic chips 
Pyrolysis Reactor
Conveyor layout drawing showing the reactor with air lock valves. 
Pyrolysis Conveyors
Whole or chipped tyre pyrolysis 
Debeading of tyres 
Shredding / screening 
Consistent temperature while cracking 
Condensation to PyroOil 
Steel and Carbon Black removal 
Overband magnet to remove Steel 
Carbon Black enhancement plant 
Fractal distillation of PyroOil into its various fractions (Gas, Diesel, Kerosine, LPG) 
De-sulphurisation plant to take sulphur down to below 0.1% content 
Reuse of LPG within the system or for resale 
Plastic pyrolysis 
Washing, Drying and Shredding 
Any steel removed upfront 
All types of plastic handled including PVC 
Chlorine removal 
Cracking temperature monitored and kept constant 
Dwell time of plastic consistent 
Char removal 
Condensation to PyroOil 
Fractal distillation of PyroOil into its Various fractions 
LPG used within the system or for resale 
At European Gate Valves we realise that not everyone wants continuous pyrolysis reactors so we offer a range of Batch Pyrolysis reactors so customers can start with a Batch system then progress to continuous as budget and demand require, to this end we design all of our systems to be modular with scalable. 
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CL Double Flap Valve
Double Flap Valve with Heat Shielding
CL Double Flap Valve with heat shield to protect the pneumatic cylinder 
Double flap valves are robustly manufactured to suit a wide range of application requirements: 
Valve Bodies can be made in: Cast Iron, Cast High Nickel Chrome and Cast Aluminium 
Fabricated bodies made in Carbon steel or Stainless Steels 
High chrome alloy seats and flaps provide long life even in the most aggressive applications 
Range of Applications: 
Temperatures to 1000°C 
Differential pressures to 102 Kpa where positive is below 
Abrasiveness - Some of the most abrasive materials are comfortably handled 
Lump Size - Depends on the valve opening size 
Opening to 600mm square 
Range of actuators: 
Linear Pneumatic Cylinders 
Rotary Pneumatic Cylinders 
Electric Motor with cams or push rods 
Gravity or Manual 
Dual access covers 
Outboard Bearings 
Adjustable packed shaft seals as standard 
VDMA ISO standard cylinders 
Removable seat and flap with the valve in situ 
All metric standard components 
Wide range of optional equipment: 
PLC Control 
Flap position indication 
Heat shields 
Cooling for high temperature applications 
Purged high efficiency shaft seals 
Double Flap Valve
Double Flap Valve
Double Flap Valve
Double Flap Valve
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