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Swing Gate Valve 

For a long lasting and reliable shut-off, metering and separation of all dry and free flowing material; 
A gas and dust tight housing enclosing the whole system; 
Each opening and closing operation in less than 2 seconds; 
Trouble free separation of standing columns of material; 
Extraordinary long service life of wearing parts even with abrasive materials; 
Ideal as a working valve even at high operational frequencies; 
Available in pressure tight (up to 6 bar) and pressure shock resistant (up to 10 bar) design as well as for higher temperatures. 
Technical Specification 
Nominal Diameters - 80mm to 400mm; 
Mode of actuation - Hand lever, Pneumatic Cylinder, Electric Motor or Hydraulic cylinder; 
Housing Materials - Cast Aluminum, Grey Iron or Stainless Steel; 
Swing Gate - Stainless Steel; 
Sealing Materials - Silicone, Viton, PTFE, PVC, Brass, Aluminum depending upon duty; 
Scraper in front of sealing - Optional, Stainless steel; 
Supporting Bolts - Stainless steel with PTFE, Brass, Ultramid depending upon duty; 
Flange Materials - Aluminum, Steel or Stainless steel; 
Flange drillings in accordance with DIN PN6, DIN PN10, ASA square or rectangular flanges or in accordance with customer requirements; 
Valve indication using Limit switches or Proximity switches as specified. 
Manual Swing Gate Valve
Pneumatic Swing Gate Valve
Manual Swing Gate Valve
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