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Double Flap Gate Valves - CL & FL Series Specifications 

Range of applications 
Temperatures to 1000°C; 
Differential pressures to 102 Kpa where positives below; 
Abrasiveness - Some of the most abrasive materials are comfortably handled; 
Lump Size - Depends upon valve opening size; 
Openings to 600mm square and 900mm x 450mm in operation. 
Dual access covers outboard bearings; 
Adjustable packed shaft seals as standard; 
VDMA ISO standard cylinders; 
Removable seat and flap with valve in-situ; 
Regrindable seat and flap; 
All metric standard components. 
Material of construction 
Valve bodies have been made in Cast Iron, Cast High Nickel Alloys, Cast Aluminum, Fabricated Stainless and Carbon Steels; 
Seats and Flaps are generally made from Cast Hi-Chrome Iron or Stainless Steel; 
All other components to suit process conditions to give maximum life and reliability. 

Actuation options 

Linear Pneumatic Cylinders; 
Rotary Pneumatic Actuators; 
Electric motor via cams; 
Electric motor via push rods; 
Gravity or Manual; 
Hydraulic actuators. 
Optional Equipment 
Sequence control with mini-PLC; 
Flap positioning indication through shaft mounted contact limit switches, non-contact proximity switches or cylinder mounted reed switches; 
Heat shields; 
Shaft air cooling and shaft extensions for valve insulation in high temperature applications; 
Purged high efficiency shaft seals. 
Double Flap Valve
Double Flap Valve dimensions, click for larger image. 
CL Specifications
Double Flap Valve Capacity (1000kg/m³) and Air Consumption 
CL Capacity and Air Consumption
Double Flap Valve with Pipeloader
Double Flap Valve
Double Flap Valve
Double Flap Valve
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